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Why Chose KNX

Unlike proprietary protocols which only the manufacturer supports KNX is an open worldwide standard with over 260 manufacturers producing products that all interoperate together for a seemless solution. KNX is the perfect choice for a complete integrated project and provides not just lighting control but a total solution for your building control system.

  • An International Standard  – therefore future proofing your decision and investment.
  • Product Certification guarantees interoperability & interworking of products.
  • KNX Association requires a high level of production and quality control during all stages of the product life
  • A unique manufacturer independent Engineeering Tool (ETS).
  • KNX can be used for all applications in home and building control.
  • One protocol no matter what the solution or building type.
  • Support of different communcation media that interoperate to suit the project
    • TP – Twisted pair
    • PL  – Powerline
    • RF – Radio Frequency
    • IP – Ethernet
  • KNX can be coupled to other systems old or new where required.
  • KNX is independant from any hardware or software technology.
  • Chose the best product that suits your project provides design flexability.
  • Real ongoing product development by over 265 companies

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Did you Know?

There are now 405 members of the KNX Association from all over the world. The list of companies keeps growing!